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About us

Explainya is your source of information on Business, Marketing, Sports, and General topics. However, wants to know more about us further. Explainya is committed to providing its readers with accurate and up-to-date information on the topics listed below.

Likewise covered topics in the in-depth analysis as well as concisely and clearly for our readers. Talk about Shark Tank, Shark Tank India, Startup stories, Case studies, etc in business.

In marketing, we explain marketing tips, Network Marketing/Direct Selling/Multilevel marketing, marketing strategy, lead generation distribution, and funding.

Sports like Football, Cricket (Indian Premier League), Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball are some popular games around the world that we decode.

General topics mean daily unknown things that come to mind and to know more in detail like finance, famous personality, legal, how to, why, who, facts, etc.

Everyone has the right to know what is happening around the world, We know everyone wants correct and accurate information.

We value our curious readers for their support. Thank you for choosing as your source of knowledge related to business, finance, technology, sports, legal, and more.

Our Values

At Explainya, we believe in the following values:

Accuracy: We are obliged to provide you with correct and updated information responsibly and ethically.

Objectivity: We strive to present all sides of an issue fairly and objectively. So that readers can conclude the right information.

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