What is Marketing?

Marketing means promoting a business or products to the right person at the right time. This can be done by an individual as well as an agency or company. There are different techniques to market the product or business practiced direct, referral, word-of-mouth, event, accidental, radio, print, online, seasonal, etc. Popular brands also run weird ads to get the attention of the public and boost product sales.

In the process of getting attention from people sometimes click wrong and negative placement in the market affects a business a lot.

Find here detailed and in-depth articles on marketing and direct selling related. These articles help to determine the broad aspect of the business and market.

Network marketing or direct selling as a career

Is Network Marketing A Good Career? Eye-opening Expert Guide

In today's information age, network marketing has become a popular career path. Most people are brought into this industry by false promises. Due to this, the negative impact of the term network marketing has spread. It is the people working there who make any industry good or bad. For this reason, the question comes to mind whether network marketing is a good career. Whether you will be able to do it or not depends on the specific issues that I have discussed.