How To Join Network Marketing? Secure Way | In-Depth Analysis

Getting involved in network marketing is not a complicated step. Anyone can tell you, but it is important to know these points to consider and it becomes very important for you to know some things before entering this industry. This article will make you aware of all those things.
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How to join Network Marketing?

If you are looking for the answer to how to join network marketing? Then you have clicked on the right article. Because the answer to this question seems incomplete without knowing it from an experienced person.

There are many ways to start network marketing but you should go through the right safe way. How to join network marketing?  The answer is simple – Register yourself as a distributor, buy tool kits & products then activate your ID. But there is something to know more than this process.

This question is most important as it can improve your career, reputation, wealth, and even good health. I have maintained all the essential points that help in finding out how to join network marketing/direct selling/multi-level marketing (MLM). 

Why do Network Marketing?

Before knowing ‘how to join network marketing’ it is important to know ‘why network marketing/direct selling/multi-level marketing (MLM)’. When one’s ‘why’ becomes clear then the ‘how’ becomes clear. If you have the answer to why do network marketing then it’s great you can go further into the article. But if you are still confused then this article will help you with my personal experience that will help you to figure it out.

There are many reasons to do network marketing. If you have ever been shown a presentation of any network marketing company. The networker tells you many benefits like financial freedom, security for generations, traveling around the world, entrepreneurial journey, name, fame, etc. Yes, these are all benefits but there are many more as well.

If you are a student or any working professional or housewife the skills required to enhance a better life in society can be learned in the direct selling industry.

Many network marketing skills can be learned while working in this industry. Like personality development, communication skills, public speaking, business development skills, money management skills, objection handling skills, etc.

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Different people have different reasons for joining this industry. Almost all people join because they want to get rid of the financial burden. If you see a person giving a presentation, then only the thoughts related to financial freedom come to your mind.

And the plan presenter does not consider it right to discuss with you the other benefits. Because the person who has come in front of you to show you the plan wants to join you.

It is not that everyone does this, some people tell you the advantages and disadvantages according to your profession. They will tell you whether and how it would be right for you to work in this industry. And it is right because you understand it properly with your intelligence and make decisions.

Why should students join network marketing?

If you are a student and planning to join the network marketing industry then things should be considered in mind.

  • A student’s priority is to study. But in free time students would find it more beneficial to spend their time working in this industry rather than scrolling through social media for hours.
  • Many people will motivate you to earn more money but you have to keep in mind that money is a byproduct of learning. You have to focus on learning more network marketing skills and it is only possible when you try to achieve most of your target or given work. So that it becomes easier for you to shift from student life to professional life.
  • Network marketing skills like prospecting, presentation, objection handling, sales closing, business development, etc. Chance to learn while in the industry.
  • Students should join network marketing to become good human beings.
  • After joining this industry, one has to meet people. The more people students meet, the more self-confidence they will gain. So that they can express themselves confident in life.

Why should working professionals join network marketing?

Many working professionals are not satisfied with their work and want something else more exciting. Then this industry is best for them to explore themself freely without a time limit. 

  • The direct selling industry will provide additional income while maintaining professional work.
  • Working professionals may be able to build a vast network that gives them a chance to earn passive income in direct selling.
  • You will get many opportunities to travel around the world with family.
  • You will get a chance to create your own identity.
  • Exponential growth in life.
  • You can get rid of desk work by working in network marketing.

Why Network Marketing

Note:- When a working professional starts doing well in network marketing then this thought comes to their mind. Should they leave their jobs and make network marketing a career or not? Please do not leave your job without 1-2 years of backup to start a career in network marketing. You should not leave your job until you start earning double the money per month from your current job for one year continuously from network marketing. If you achieve this then you can think about leaving the job. Because you know very well that any business is unstable. It takes time to stabilize.

Why should housewives join network marketing? 

A housewife’s priority is to take care of her family. And she also works very hard for this. From 4 am to 9 am and then from 5 pm to 10 pm. If the remaining time is left then she gives herself some rest. Even after doing so much for the family, some housewives still think about supporting the family financially. And there are probably very few things better than network marketing in which one can provide financial support to the family by working for 2-4 hours while managing one’s home.

  • She can able to give financial support to her family.
  • Housewives can get rid of social anxiety.
  • Network marketing/direct selling is also done to keep her mind fresh after household chores.
  • Housewives will get a chance to create their own identity apart from their family.
  • Network marketing/direct selling is an anytime, anywhere business, which means it can even be worked from home.

Why house wife can do network marketing

Now I think you got context about why Network Marketing. Let’s dive deeper into how to start network marketing. This part is most important as it can improve your career, reputation, wealth, and even good health. So I suggest you not to leave the article before the end.

Why Network Marketing pdf

How to join Network Marketing?

There are many ways to join network marketing but you should go through the right safe way. It happens with most people that if any of their acquaintances who are already doing network marketing/direct selling/multi-level marketing (MLM) shows them the plan of a company, then they join the same.

They make the payment without thinking much. Because the plan shown is relative to them. That’s why they join with trust. But how do they know that unfortunately, their relative has also joined someone else’s faith? Most people join this industry in this way.

There are very few people at their level who step into direct selling after doing research. And this is done by the same people who have already been cheated by joining Multi-level marketing on trust.

That’s why most people say that ‘I also joined network marketing/direct selling/multi-level marketing (MLM) but did not get anything’. Negative thoughts spread among people only when a person comes into the industry without research. 

Below are some points that can be done or kept in mind before joining without any influence from anyone.

  1. Do proper research on network marketing/direct selling/multi-level marketing (MLM)

    Proper research means being aware of everything about network marketing. Now you are thinking about how to do proper research on network marketing then it’s not a big deal. Just verify some points and your research is complete.

    • Learn about the culture of direct selling and whether you will be comfortable with that culture like work environment, ethics, values, mission, etc.
    • What and how to work in network marketing? Study it and if you think you can do it then only move to this industry.
    • Find out why the success rate in direct selling is low and improve that thing before or during joining.
  2. Be sure to find out how the people of the network marketing company are

    It’s not just about direct selling, in other industries too people know who they will be working with and where. If you step into this industry without knowing about the people with whom you are working. Whether you work for a long or short time it also impacts your mental health that’s why it is an important factor.

  3. Choose the right company in network marketing 

    Choosing the right company in network marketing is one of the main steps of how to join network marketing. There are thousands of companies in the network marketing industry. But telling which one is best for you is as difficult as finding a needle in the sand. 

    Most people keep changing direct selling companies throughout their life. Don’t they know the right company? It is not so, such people keep living their lives like this. They do this because of more money and quick progress.

    And they don’t even realize that they are just wasting their time. They are called monkey leaders. However, there are certain standards for choosing the right company in network marketing.

    • Check what the joining conditions are.

    If there is any fee for joining then you should think before joining that company. Also if there are so many conditions for joining then it’s a red flag. Only a few important documents are required to join network marketing.

    Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Canceled Check or Bank Passbook, Phone Number and Email ID, etc. There is no fee to join any company in direct selling as per the instructions of The World Federation of Direct Selling Association.

    The work for which you are giving the documents should be mentioned on the photocopy so that the document is not misused.

    • Join only after knowing the company culture.

    When someone achieves something new in a direct selling company, it should be celebrated that shows company culture. company’s mission, vision, and belief system reflect the culture. There should be regular events and functions so that team leaders and new freshers can see and feel the company environment.

    • Understand how effective Income or business plan

    Wherever person invests their time, they have hopes to earn some income. Every company and direct seller explains its business plan well. But have to identify which one business plan is best for you. Along with this also verify whatever the amount the company promises to give you derived from only sales of products. 

    If you are getting more money than the selling price of the product then it is a warning sign, do not go with that company. For example, if the amount of the product is ₹ 10 thousand INR and you are getting ₹ 8 thousand INR or so, then this is a red signal.

    It is obvious that if it gives ₹ 8 thousand INR out of ₹ 10 thousand INR, then how will a company pay the expenses of its staff and products?

    •  Make sure to check whether the legal documents required by the business are there or not.

    Mandatory maintenance of records as directed by the Government of India (Department of Consumer Affairs) – The Direct Selling Entities maintain the following documents/ records either manually or electronically at the registered office:

    1. Certificate of Incorporation
    2. MOA & AOA
    3. Copy of PAN & TAN
    4. Copy of GST
    5. GST Returns
    6. Income Tax Returns
    7. Copy Balance Sheet, Audit Report, etc.
    8. Record of Customers and Direct Sellers
    9. Register of Direct Sellers

    These are some mandatory maintenance records required by a direct selling company there are specific direct selling rules given by the government of India that are followed by every direct selling entity.

    • One physical location (Head office) of the direct selling company should be in India.

    Shall have a minimum of one physical location as a registered office within India. This is mentioned in the duties of direct selling entities by the government of India. If the direct selling organizations have their own head office then it can be said that they are committed to serving their product to the consumer not doing scams.

    • Direct-selling companies should have franchises in your area. 

    Company franchise may or may not be necessary in your area. Franchise means the company-authorized store from where products are bought. It is convenient for better and fast service of product.

    If a franchise is not in your area then you will use the free courier service provided by a direct selling company. If free courier service and customer service of the company are not so fast then it is problematic to work.

    • Success rate and achievers percentage should considered.

    In that manner, very few people get success in the direct selling industry. As I mentioned above most of the intentions are just quick rich while stepping into this industry that’s why failed most of them.

    This is the industry where the intention of work balance should be to first learn the work process and then earn. However direct sellers do the opposite, they want to earn first and then learn. That’s why the success rate here is not high.

    But join a company where the success rate and achievement percentage are quite good as compared to others. This shows that the company is investing more in training to educate for better results.

  4.  Look at the track record of the company’s founders.

    It is also important to know about the company’s founder. Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies are thousands in number most of the direct-selling top leaders are founders of the network marketing company.

    Verify the founders’ background and see if they have the ability to scale and maintain the business then it’s ok to join with them. Look at the ethics, mission, vision, and scalability plan in which they work. 

    If there is more than one founder then check how much they are mutual to each other. Also, check how their relationships have been in the past and whether it will have any negative impact on the business. If everything is fine then you can work with that company.

  5. It is important to know the company’s top leaders deeply.

    Most top leaders don’t know anything about training systems and product details. Find out whether he had worked in any other company before this company. If yes, for how long, and why did he join another company from there?

    The answer to this will be given by the same person who came to show the plan. It is also important to know this so that you work in a safe team.

  6. The price and quality of the product should be considered 

    In network marketing, the price of the product is usually higher price than in the traditional market. And everyone says that the quality of the products of this industry is quite good. 

    You should also look at the price and quality of the product because this work is mostly done by middle-class people. If the price is high then you will not be able to do big work for a long time.

    Although here you are taught to sell, even if the price is high, you or your upline can sell the product at any price. But this is not right, if the average buyer is satisfied by paying the price of the product and in return they are getting the product as per their desire, then it is nice.

    Quality means result-oriented products. People should be satisfied by using the product of a particular company.

  7. It is important to study the team of the team leader with whom you will work.

    Whatever team leader you are going to work with. It is very important to look at their character because it can affect your business. If the character and mentality of the team leader are clean then it is ok. 

    A lot of money comes from the sale of products in this industry, so many leaders keep the money sometimes for personal use. While doing this work there will be an exchange of products between the upline and the distributor. During this time the money gets stuck in the hands of Upline. 

    You will find more details about team leaders before joining through which you understand the company plan ask them, they will guide you. 

  8. Make sure to look inside the person with whom you are thinking of working (upline).

    In direct selling, an upline gives you direction, on how and what needs to be done. Whatever problems you face during work, Upline solves them. And sometimes the upline is your team leader. Therefore, it is right to look inside them because in this industry you will be with them most of the time.

  9. See how they work by spending some time with them before you join.

    If possible, you can try to spend some time with the person you are going to work with. Chances are low that you will be allowed to spend time with them before joining. Because they fear that after this you might decide not to go to work with them. If you get a chance to join before then it is great for you. On-field experience in sales outweighs theory.

  10. If everything seems right then join the company through the process.

    • First of all, register yourself as a distributor on the company website with the help of other verified working distributors.
    • Buy the necessary tool kit for business on the recommendation of the person who employs you in the company.
    • Select the required products and pay for them, after purchasing the product your ID will be activated i.e. officially you will become an active member of the company.
    • Work requires formal attire so purchase it before going to work with your upline.
    • Attend the First Information Meeting (FIM) of the company for clarity of further work.

Choose right Company in Networking

I have discussed almost all the important things about how to join network marketing so that it becomes easy for you to decide. If you have read this article thoroughly till the end, then you will hardly have any doubt about how to join network marketing/direct selling/multi-level marketing (MLM). If you still have any doubt in your mind related to the network marketing industry, then you can tell me in the comment section, and I will cover it in another article.

I hope you got value from the article. You can make them aware by sharing this article with needy people.


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