Second Most Expensive Player In IPL: What You Need to Know

Witness second most expensive player in IPL cricket history, Australia's winning captain Pat Cummins becomes one of the most expensive IPL player ever! But why this skyrocketing price? Hear about his World Cup glory, brilliant fast bowling, and his inspiring journey from rookie to captain. Will he lead Hyderabad to IPL victory like he did to Australia? All eyes are on Cummins in 2024!
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Pat Cummins made a new record, became the second most expensive player in IPL auction 2024

Australia captain Pat Cummins is the second most expensive player in IPL. The bidding war for Pat Cummins started with a base price of Rs 2 crore. In the end, a big fight continued between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad ranging from Rs 2 crore to Rs 20.5 crore. Then finally after paying Rs 20.50 crore, Hyderabad included Pat Cummins in their team. Pat Cummins achieved the second highest bid in Indian Premier League history by getting a bid of Rs 20.50 crore. In this way, Pat Cummins became the second most expensive player in IPL.

Why did Pat Cummins become the most expensive player in IPL history?

Pat Cummins was sold at such an expensive price because of his achievement in winning the ICC World Cup 2023 final against India. Pat Cummins proved himself one of the most successful captains in 2023. In 2023, the Test World Cup was also played under the captaincy of Australian captain Pat Cummins. Australia became the World Test champion in 2023 by defeating India. Anyway, the year 2023 has been perfect for Pat Cummins as they have performed very well. Both as captain and in bowling. 

Australia is one of the most successful teams in cricket history because this team won the most Cricket World Cup titles in cricket history. The Australian cricket team emerged victorious in the Cricket World Cup on six occasions, namely in 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2015, and 2023.

One of the most expensive players n IPL is Pat Cummins
Second most expensive player in IPL history, Pat Cummins was bought for ₹20.50 crore in the IPL 2024 auction.

24.75Cr! Mitchell Starc breaks Pat Cummins record

Australia left-arm superstar Mitchell Starc joined Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) for 24.75Cr. Mitchell Starc became the most expensive player in the Indian Premier League tournament history. His base price was ₹2 crore in the IPL 2024 auction which is similar to Pat Cummins. Mitchell Starc sold for Rs 4.25 crore more than Pat Cummins.

From Rookie To Captain: The Inspiring Story Of Pat Cummins

Pat Cummins, is famous for his roaring deliveries and lightning-fast pace, and his captaincy. He was born in 1993 and started his cricket career at an early age (young age). His Test debut in 2014 marked an important milestone in his cricket journey. And later in 2019, Pat Cummins became the World’s No. 1 bowler in Test cricket. In 2021 he became vice-captain did well in the game and was finally promoted to Captain of Australia. Since then Pat Cummins never looked back. 

How effective was the most expensive player in IPL history?

Before Pat Cummings, one of the most expensive players of the IPL was Sam Curran, who Punjab bought for Rs 18.5 crore. Sam Curran did not prove to be that effective. But now it remains to be seen how Pat Cummings will perform in the times to come as he has led Australia to victory in the 2023 Test and ODI World Cup. Pat Cummins has been bought by Hyderabad for Rs 20.50 crore, which means that Pat Cummins is going to become the captain of Hyderabad in IPL 2024. Despite being a very good bowler in the Hyderabad team, he was bought so expensively because of the hope of winning IPL 2024 while captaining Hyderabad. Now only in 2024 we will know how successful it is for Hyderabad.


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