Top 5 Bat Sponsorships In The World – Dhoni at No.1?

There are approximately 3 billion cricket fans in the world, making cricket the second most popular sport in the world and the most popular in India. And in the article mentions the top 5 bat sponsors in the world which will surprise you with the ranking order as Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, David Warner, and Rohit Sharma come in this list.
Network marketing or direct selling as a career

Is Network Marketing A Good Career? Eye-opening Expert Guide

In today's information age, network marketing has become a popular career path. Most people are brought into this industry by false promises. Due to this, the negative impact of the term network marketing has spread. It is the people working there who make any industry good or bad. For this reason, the question comes to mind whether network marketing is a good career. Whether you will be able to do it or not depends on the specific issues that I have discussed.
Pat Cummins

Second Most Expensive Player In IPL: What You Need to Know

Witness second most expensive player in IPL cricket history, Australia's winning captain Pat Cummins becomes one of the most expensive IPL player ever! But why this skyrocketing price? Hear about his World Cup glory, brilliant fast bowling, and his inspiring journey from rookie to captain. Will he lead Hyderabad to IPL victory like he did to Australia? All eyes are on Cummins in 2024!