Network Marketing Skills – 20+ Useful Hidden Skills To Learn Here

Learning is earning even if you focus on word learning (L-earning) then earning is hidden in it. And this gives you good experience in network marketing because of diversity. Let's deep dive into the article for a better understanding.
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Network Marketing Skills with Clarity

Network Marketing skills are considered valuable skills for everyone but nowadays, everyone has become aware of network marketing because negative things are spreading on social media. 

A coin has two sides positive and negative, in which the negative side attracts more people than the positive one. In this blog, I am sharing my personal experience of 3 years working in a Networking company I experienced many skills that can be learned here free of cost. And how network marketing skills help you ahead in your life are also shared. 

But the thing is I will share only the positive side of a Network marketing company because the negative side is in the air of social media which you have watched many times in the reels and shorts.

The intention of writing this blog is to gain clarity about Network Marketing skills so that you can get benefits out of it and make an easy decision without being brainwashed by anyone.

What is Network Marketing, Direct Selling, or MLM?

If you are unaware of Network Marketing then you should know before diving into it. Network marketing is made up of two words ‘network’ and ‘marketing’, network means a group of people, and marketing means the activity of promoting a business or products to the right person at the right time.

Network MarketingIn simple words, network marketing is a group of people whose job is to promote business or products directly to their relatives, friends, and other known people. So that they can avail benefits by using the products as per their need. Network Marketing also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Direct Selling etc.

When you promote a company’s products to someone then they express their needs to you towards products. If they need that product then you will give or sell them to take benefits of the products. And it goes on like this and builds a vast network.

What is the reason for negativity in Network Marketing?

In the process of doing Network Marketing for 3 years, I can tell you one thing: everyone should join this industry for at least 2 to 3 years not just to earn but to learn multiple Network Marketing skills. Learning is earning even if you focus on word learning (L-earning) then earning is hidden in it.


If your intention is clear before joining the industry then you will not feel like people who said “Maine bhi kiya tha kuch nahi hota isme” (I also did it, nothing happens in it). The people who talk like this, intend to earn money before joining the industry not to learn anything, and maybe have some bad experiences. The reason for negativity in this industry is due to these types of people.

But make sure you are going to join the right company with the right person because it determines how far you go in the Multi-Level Marketing industry. If someone’s why network marketing is clear before joining then the negativity rate will be low here.

Network Marketing Skills you get to learn

While working in this industry for three years, I realized that many skills can be learned for free by working in the Direct selling industry. Below I mentioned it.

1. Personality  Development

When you join any company in the Network Marketing Industry first step that you will learn is Personality Development. Industry people will teach you how to dress well for different occasions or any event or training seminar. Creative thinking, mindset, clear vision, and goals lead to a better way of living, all these develop.

What to wear and what not, the color combination of clothes you wear while in a meeting or for a sponsored trip of the company. Everything they will teach you in every step about personality development in the initial to the last stage. 

2. Communication Skills

It is a part of personality development without good communication no one has a good personality. To give a better understanding of products to other communication skills required to communicate well. Your senior or upline will train you on how to start communication to connect with people.

3. Leadership Development

A person newly joins called a fresher in the network marketing industry. And you are part of the team led by someone who learns leadership by following his upline and senior.

In this industry leader makes fresher into a leader which makes it easy to handle a big team. Freshers work in a field to communicate with people convert sales and train them to do further.

4. Public Speaking 

While giving the presentation one to one door to door a fresher used to it facing new people. Later they do group meeting or group plan then their hesitation get out of it. And that makes a person a give presentation in public.

Public Speaking on Stage

In a seminar of 50-60 people, a person gets a chance to deliver their speech as MOC (Master of Ceremonies). 30-second to 1-minute speech that makes them comfortable with public speaking. And this goes on from presentation to testimonies of product results till then a person does not reach the sales closing of the seminar.

5. Storytelling Skills

A story can connect people more easily than anything else. So while taking personal meetings or counseling a prospect storytelling plays a key role.

Narrating your life journey during the testimony of seminars or meetings is also a way of learning the foundation of storytelling as a new network marketing skill.  

6. Prospecting Skills

Prospecting is identifying the potential prospect and converting it into sales. You create a list of people you know, with whom you proceed to talk about products and company plans.

Upline will show you how they do prospecting and you copy them to learn. Prospecting is a never-ending process it will go on until you are out of business.

7. Invitation Skills

Invitation is a process of inviting new people to see the business or product plan. The company training system will teach you how to invite people.

8. People Consulting Skills

Consulting in Network Marketing means communicating with people regularly getting in touch with people and solving their queries to be in business.

9. Presentation Skills

After a certain phase, you will get the responsibility of making presentations for group meetings, seminars, and mega seminars in a function or event. Presentation is required to turn thoughts into action.

10. Objection Handling Skills

As you know there is a lot of negativity about network marketing. Negativity is caused by a lack of knowledge and awareness, it can be removed only by resolving that objection.

These two things are done a lot in network marketing, first, giving a presentation one-to-one, and second, object handling and then closing the sales by removing the questions present in the minds of the people.

11. Sales Closing Skills

Giving a presentation, developing a prospect into a lead, and following up several times, is an important step in sales. Now, if any question remains that may create a hindrance in converting the sale, it is resolved during the closing of sales.

13. Training People Skills

In this industry, after closing the sale, the next focus is to give training to new people and make new leaders. The more leaders have on a team, the more likely it is that business will run on autopilot.  

14. Business Coach Skills

Direct selling is a profession where a lot of ups and downs are seen and this makes every leader courageous to handle their team. In hard times business leader motivate and encourage their team so that they can remain in business and perform well.

A business coach knows how to bounce back in business and inspires their team member. They learn well in network marketing how to handle business in difficult times and this helps in becoming a business coach.

15. Life Coach Skills

Understanding the problem of a team member through active listening and giving them direction on what next to do is not an easy task. Everyone has personal issues in their life that can impact in professional life it must be resolved on time.

Leaders communicate with their team leader many times a day that’s make it comfortable to share problem. They solve the problem because he too has gone through a similar phase somewhere.

16. Motivational Speaker Skills

In network marketing, motivation is the most important factor in retaining team members in the business. Without motivation, a big team never be built in MLM.

In the ocean of negativity, only motivation and the right education system help to do business. Giving repetitive motivation to the team makes them able to acquire motivational speaker skills.

17. Customer Handling Skills

Not every person who joins direct selling can become a leader some of them join to get discounted products. So skills of handling these customers also come as you go ahead in business.

18 .  Management Skills 

A direct seller is a multitasking person. Be it planning door-to-door demonstrations, conducting individual meetings or group meetings, attending seminars or mega seminars, functions, events, and training. They can do anything as circumstances dictate to them.

These factors acquire management skills in direct sellers. The ability of a person to manage various tasks with good communication in a given time along with understanding the problem of the situation makes him a good manager.

19. Business Development Skills

Business development requires many skills as mentioned above communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, creative thinking, objection handling, management, selling, time management, training people, negotiating, etc. If all these skills are present in oneself then the skill to grow the business comes automatically.

Business Development skills

But it takes time and perseverance for this to happen, and ultimately only a few leaders acquire these skills or reach this level in this industry.

20.  Event Organizing Skills

Be it eventing 50 new guests, 100 team leaders, or training thousands of newly joining freshers, Networker knows how to handle it. Printing tickets, collecting ticket money, booking a venue, guiding team members to the location of the venue, and organizing a successful event, are all done by not just one leader but a group of leaders who execute it. it’s done systematically. 

21. Understanding Human Behavior Skills

When a person meets thousands of people for a purpose, they observe their behavior to see how people react to a particular task. With the repetition of meetings with new people, networkers can understand how people react in sales meetings and how to handle them. This skill sometimes helps in maintaining a good personal life.

22. Money Management Skills

A lot of money comes in cash and online in this work. And money goes into the system. It is not easy to handle so much money, it requires skill. Skill comes through repetition and following the right instructions.

23.  Selling Skills

One of the most underrated and high-paying skills is selling and no doubt in direct selling profession is one of the best platforms to learn to sell. Selling is the main network marketing skill because without this skill no one can earn and improve themself.

The good thing is that everyone has sales skills in different forms since childhood, for example, a child tries to convince his parents to get him toffees or his favorite things.

Here in an example, parents help their child to get toffee or their favorite things which is called sales. Sales is all about fulfilling the wants and needs. That’s why learning to sell in network marketing is easy to learn for everyone.

24. Telephone Management Skills 

The ability to communicate on phone calls with customers team members and leaders is called telephonic management skills. A networker calls many times a day to maintain teamwork actively. A big team is managed through phone calls which makes it easy to acquire telephone skills

25. Writing skills

If you were being disciple ned in direct selling then definitely learn the writing skills. Maintaining a regular work balance means maintaining a diary.

There are lot of work in the life of an active direct seller like scheduled meetings, planned training, and reporting of team member work to upline, business activity, sales closing, etc. One has to meet many people every day and ensure that no one is left out, hence diary writing has to be done daily.

If you have read from top to bottom then it is a bonus for you. Employability skills pdf

Conclusion: The people of that industry are the ones who make any industry right or wrong. Similarly, some people in the network marketing industry have shown it to the world as the wrong platform. It is not that nothing wrong happens here too, but it does not happen as much as the world thinks. In the process of acquiring new network marketing skills at every step, you become better than you were yesterday.

Share this article with those who only talk or know negative things about direct selling/network marketing. Make people aware of this industry so that more people get into this industry.


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