Business Blaster – Looks Like Emerging A Good Idea

Business Blaster is an entrepreneurship program for students of class 11th and 12th from Delhi Govt. It was started to convert job seekers to job providers.
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Business Blaster

Business Blaster is an entrepreneurial program for Delhi government students of classes 11 & 12. Delhi Government provided seed capital of 60 Crores to 3 lakh students of grades 11 & 12 were given rupees 2000 each.

This program launched in September 2021. It started with the idea that when students complete their studies. They should aspire to be job-generating rather than aspire to be employed.

Business Blasters logoThe Ultimate Concept for an entrepreneurial program for Delhi government students

According to the Hindustan Times, the total number of school-going students in India in 2021-2022 was 25.57 crores. And if we look at the data released by the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) 2020-2021 from the Ministry of Education, Government of India, which mentions 4.14 crore enrollments for higher education.

This is a positive sign for the country. Such a large number of students going to school is also an indication. The government has to do better in infrastructure and resources to provide better education to all of them.

Despite the challenges, all these students are the future hope of India. And India will develop with the education of all of them.

Delhi government school going students

Reason for unemployment issue in India

As we also know unemployment is a big issue in India. And there is some reason behind it.

  • Population growth: A major factor in unemployment. When the population is increasing then more and more jobs will be demanded. But in reality, there are only a limited number of jobs available in any industry.
  • Mismatch skills: When skills do not match the required level of available jobs then unemployment takes place. Most people enter the workforce without any skill in the expectation of getting a job.
  • Other factors are discrimination, the caste system, Government policies, Lack of education & poverty play a significant role in this Industry.

Unemployed Crowded Delhi

  • An estimated 33 million (3.3 crores) people are unemployed in India as of date Feb 2023 which is huge. And this can be solved by only generating jobs through businesses.
  • People should not depend only on the government to get jobs. Because even a government has limited ability to create a workspace, for many people. Starting a business and creating jobs may be a better option today. It is also a matter of fact that starting and running a business is risky.

Business Blaster concept

Business Blaster concept is an entrepreneurial program for classes 11 & 12 of Delhi Government schools students that can revolutionize the Indian startup ecosystem.

Under the program, each student is given seed capital of ₹2,000 to develop a business idea. Students form teams of up to 5 members. And receive seed capital of collectively up to ₹20,000. So that they can make or work on something authentic.

Business Blaster Students

The program also provides mentors, workshops, and resources to help students to develop their business ideas.  The total number of teams formed is 51,000 and each team implemented a business idea using the seed capital.

Of these 51,000 business ideas, a group of members or judges selected 1,000 workable business ideas. These 1,000 teams were provided business coaches from the entrepreneur community to take their businesses to the next level.

Of these, panels of investors and entrepreneurs hand-picked the top 100+ investment-worthy businesses that are well on their way toward building profitable, scalable, and sustainable businesses. This program is the same as the Shark Tank India TV reality show.


Business Blaster is an entrepreneurship program for students of class 11 and 12 from Delhi Govt. It was started to convert job seekers to job providers. Delhi Government wants to develop a platform.

Where students can start their businesses and take India ahead compared to the rest of the country. If this Business Blaster concept is implemented in other Indian regions as well, the results can be massive for the development of the country.


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